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  1. Powerful Inventory Management

  2. Performance & Details Analytics Reports

  3. WooCommerce and Shopify Integrations

  4. Cloud Based Solution & Online Store

  5. PWA and SPA Development

  6. Multi Outlet Centralization

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Custom POS Development

CodeTrinity provides innovative POS software development Services. We offer effective custom POS systems to help the business to promote digitalization. With the help of our extensive experience, we develop and design custom Point of Sale (POS) software solution for both small-scale and large-scale retail businesses.

Choosing our custom POS software makes managing your business operations simpler. It boosts efficiency by automating processes, while still giving you complete control over your business.

Custom Admin Panel

Store Access with POS

Delivery Portal

Online Ordering Portal

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POS Migration Services

We'll help you switch from your old point-of-sale (POS) system to a new, advanced one, making sure all your data stays safe. Our service will equip your business with a powerful POS system designed to boost productivity and growth.

During the migration, we use the latest technology and versions to make your system stronger and more adaptable. This upgrade speeds up payment processing and improves customer service. We also ensure your POS software is always current, free of bugs, and provides a top-notch payment experience.

Data Migration

Software Integration

Testing & Quality Assurance

Post-Migration Assessment

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Mobile POS Solutions

Mobile POS (Point of Sale) solutions are a crucial component of modern retail and hospitality businesses, enabling efficient and flexible transactions. We builds efficient mobile apps that work seamlessly with other systems and keep records consistent. Our expertise in developing Point of Sale (POS) apps for iOS and Android makes running your business simpler, both offline and online.

Our mobile POS apps, perfect for tablets and smartphones, help you manage your business on the move. These apps not only connect you with mobile users but also make things more convenient for your employees and customers.

Cross-Platform Supports

Offline Functionality


User-Friendly Interface

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POS CRM Software

We create and set up CRM software to help automate your customer database, loyalty programs, personalized marketing, and more. This improves customer relationships and repeat sales. Our CRM software is designed to meet the needs of businesses, and as a POS software development company, we tailor it to give you complete insights about your customers.

With our cloud-based POS system, taking orders is smooth and you can easily view them in your CRM.

Customer Management

Integration Capabilities

Security Features

Marketing Tools

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POS API Integration

Our POS systems easily connect with third-party APIs, a key advantage. This lets businesses use safe payment methods and include other payment options like PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay, besides cash.

Advanced POS software design eases integration of the application into the system. We conduct and provide an exhaustive report on the yearly growth and change in trends for clients.

Payment Integration

eCommerce Integration

Mobile Integration

POS Software Updates

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Web-Based POS Software

Web-based POS (Point of Sale) software should encompass a range of essential modules and characteristics to effectively support businesses in managing their sales operations.

We design web-based terminals for taking orders online. These terminals support phone orders and card payments without the card being present, using interactive voice responses. We also offer online checkout and shopping cart systems that work seamlessly with popular platforms like PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

User Access Control

Multi-Location Support

Barcode Scanning

Mobile Accessibility

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Benefits of POS (Point Of Sale) Solution?

01. Improved Efficiency and Accuracy

POS systems quickly and accurately handle sales, using different payment methods. They reduce mistakes, making sales and inventory management more efficient and precise.

02. Inventory Management

POS systems also keep a real-time eye on inventory, helping to maintain the right amount of stock. They reduce waste and avoid too much stock. If products are running low, the system alerts you so you can reorder them and keep popular items in stock.

03. Reduced Managerial Time

This specialized POS system and app provides a way for store workers to easily log sales details and handle payments from buyers. They can handle business operation effectively.

04. Sales Reporting and Analytics

POS systems offer valuable data on sales trends, customer preferences, and product performance, enabling data-driven decisions, product optimization, and refined marketing strategies for businesses.

05. Real-Time Sales Information

POS software, with its advanced features, saves all sales data in the cloud. This data, which is accurate and up-to-date, is helpful for making different plans and tracking daily activities.

06. Quick set-up & Integration

Setting up Point Of Sale solutions is easy, as no extra tools are needed. We offer services to integrate your needs into CRM at no extra cost, including transferring your data.
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Cross-Industry POS development Services

At Codetrinity, our team of POS developers possesses versatile expertise spanning various domains and industries. We seamlessly blend our deep understanding of the payments sector, with our technical prowess in cloud, mobile, and firmware development. This unique fusion of knowledge empowers us to assist businesses in confidently introducing cutting-edge POS software solutions to the market.







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Restaurant App with POS

Easy to oprate

Prompt Service with Personal support

Customization as per your requirements

Report and Analyst

Real time sales tracking

Mobile App

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POS Development Expertise

Mobile POS

Expert team creates mobile POS solutions for seamless payments & inventory management.

Cloud POS

Unlock cloud potential with our expertise in cloud-based POS, providing real-time data, scalability, and security.

Self-Service Codetrinity

Meet Self-Service Codetrinity: Empowering Businesses with Revolutionary POS Development.

Terminal POS

We specialize in creating Terminal POS systems that are robust and reliable to the unique needs of your business.

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Robust Features of POS Software

{ Key Features }

Robust Features of POS Software

Inventory Management

Multiple Payment Gateways

Custom Menu Management

Split Payments

Multi-language support

Accurate Real-time Reports

Secure PIN lock

Accessibility to Mobiles/Tablets and Web

Advance Search Product Ability

KOT Management

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Topmost Technologies We Use to Build POS Solution



PHP is a server-side scripting language commonly used for web development to create dynamic web pages and applications.



Laravel simplifies web development by providing tools for routing, database management, authentication, and more.



ReactJS is a popular library that has an extensive JavaScript library for building user interfaces and best fit for projects that has many elements that require different, often-changing states. Further, it supports the server rendering of its components.



VueJS is primarily used to build web interfaces and one-page applications. In saying that, it can also be applied to both desktop and mobile app development thanks to the HTML extensions and JS base working in tandem with an Electron framework – making it a heavily favoured frontend tool. We working on VueJs and its semantic component framework vutify which supports server-side rendering, single-page apps, progressive web app and standard HTML pages.



Tailwind CSS is the framework that scale on large teams. It's easy to customize, adapts to any design, and the build size is tiny. It's similar to bootstrap framework which composed to build any design, directly in your markup.



HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It is the fifth and final major HTML version that is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation.



CSS features allow better content accessibility, enhanced flexibility, and control, as well as the specification of the characteristics of presentation.



Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development.

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CodeTrinity, a top POS software development company, offers ready-made and customizable POS solutions across various domains, including integration with third-party systems.

Our specialty lies in creating POS software for restaurants, retail, hotels, and more.

{ FAQS }

A POS system can streamline your business operations by efficiently managing sales, inventory, and customer data. It enhances the checkout process, offers valuable insights through sales analytics, and improves overall customer service.

Absolutely, POS solutions are beneficial for both small and large organizations. They streamline transaction processes, improve inventory management, and offer valuable sales insights, enhancing overall efficiency and customer experience.

The cost to develop a POS (Point of Sale) system varies based on your business needs. The price is influenced by several factors. For a basic system suitable for a small business, the cost ranges from $2,000 to $10,000. For larger businesses, the cost can exceed this range.

Many POS systems can integrate smoothly with other software like accounting, e-commerce, or CRM systems. This integration can enhance data accuracy, make operations more efficient, and give you a better overall understanding of your business.

Codetrinity can assist you in moving your data from your current POS to a new one. Transferring data can be tough, but the experts at CodeTrinity will ensure your data is moved to the new system without any loss.


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